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3D Walnut Moose Cribbage Board

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100% Walnut Cribbage Board

SIZE - 9 x 10.5 x 3/4 in ( thickness may vary)

These Boards Are Hand Laminated, (And if you ask why we laminate them its to get variations in the grains of wood, and we find the boards don't warp when they are done this way) Planed, then CNC routed/ to create a perfect board every time, Then depending on the design they are CNC Laser engraved, and Branded with our company logo, Once they are routed/lasered they are sanded to perfection,and varnished to ensure a long lasting board.



We make stands for the boards as our cribbage boards do not come with a peg holder or card holder on the back. That is built right into the stand. You are able to customize the image/logo/name/quote to be engraved into the stand. Stands are $35.00 that includes the engraving, cards and pegs.


We offer free pegs when you buy the stand with your board, please note our boards fit standard 1/8  pegs.