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    "Making Creative Dreams A Reality"

     When our company started we saw a need for real custom work to be offered as it has been stripped away for so long that now you essentially walk into a store and you only get to choose what is in stock with no real way to get it personalized. We found that rather restricting and decided to do something about it.

     After 5 years of making people smile and doing things very much out of the ordinary we still get excited when challenged to make something super unique. To us it doesn't matter if it's that one unique piece or a bulk order of our products ....each piece is unique and made to our customers specifications.


      We offer unique products with our own hint of style. We focus our attention on delivering consistent, great quality work by working closely with our customers ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


      Every board, including the ones in the listing pictures are unique, therefore, they will vary. The wood comes from trees of varying ages, therefore, different colors.

    We also thrive to provide smiles .....huge thunderous applause and sometimes tears when our customers receive what they ordered. That's what we like ...and exactly why we have dedicated years to making these special boards for every occasion imaginable.

    We have gone from owning 1 CNC Laser engraver and  1 CNC router when we first started in a tiny garage  to currently having 8 CNC machines and 2 CNC Laser engravers in a very large very loud bustling shop. 

    Thanks to all of our customers for making our dreams to grow the company into what it has become because without you none of this would be possible. 

    Our motto is "Your Only As Good As Your Last Job" so we try to surpass expectations every chance we get!



               Curtis Wazny

    Owner @ Lasers Edge Design