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    "Making Creative Dreams A Reality"

    When our company started we saw a need for real custom work to be offered as it has been stripped away for so long with no real options for personalization. We found that sad and decided to do something about it!

    After 7 years of making people smile Curtis decided to sell the company due to family reasons.

    We saw the product line and machines to be a good fit with our other promotional products and arrangement. Although the transition was not as smooth as expected, we now have the boards to the quality we can be proud of.

    To us it doesn't matter if it's one unique piece or a bulk order of our products, each piece is unique and made to our customers specifications. As with our other products we have developed a wholesale program for our resellers.    

    We offer unique products with our own hint of style focusing our attention on delivering consistent and great quality of work by listening closely to our customers ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

    Every board, including the ones in the product photos are unique, therefore, they will vary. The wood comes from trees of varying ages and colors.

    We thrive to provide smiles and sometimes tears are shed when our customers receive what they ordered. That's what we love and exactly why we have dedicated years to making these special boards for every occasion imaginable.

    Since 1989 we have gone from servicing Warehouse Equipment, to shipping Supplies to most businesses, to taking over a friends Moving Company, to setting my wife up with an Embroidery Company. When covid happened it made us look at what else we wanted moving into our later years of working. We started by buying some additional equipment - Laser Engravers, Vinyl Printer, and a couple CNC machines. We then had the opportunity to purchase Glassprint.com from Steve as he was retiring. We added that to our product line. Curtis approached me earlier this year to acquire his company and we wanted additional equipment to increase our production capability so we just purchased a Retro Video gaming company aswell.

    Please see our other product offerings at the following sites-






    Our motto is "You're Only As Good As Your Last Job" so we try to surpass expectations every chance we get!


    Kim Semeniuk

    Owner @ Lasers Edge Design