"Making Creative Dreams A Reality"


  We at Laser's Edge Design are a Fast Paced, Fast growing shop with our products in over 150 stores Canada wide. We are also in a few art galleries.

  We offer unique products with our own hint of style. We focus our attention on delivering consistent, great quality work by working closely with our customers ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

  If you are looking for perfection, with no color variation, grain variation, etc..., then our products are probably not for you. We do our best to make sure the boards are as near perfect as possible, but trees are trees and are not perfect.

  We also feel it is wasteful to cut out every little streak. We find beauty in the colors and variation of the woods. We cannot refund or replace a piece because it isn't "perfect" as perfection is hard to find in natural products such as wood.

  Every board, including the one in the listing pictures is unique, therefore, they will vary. The wood comes from trees of varying ages, therefore, different colors.

We also thrive to provide smiles .....huge thunderous applause and sometimes tears when our customers receive what they ordered. That's what we like ...and exactly why we have dedicated years to making these special boards for every occasion imaginable.


           Curtis Wazny

Owner @ Lasers Edge Design