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    What wood choices are available for custom crib boards?

    At the moment I offer Canadian Maple. I have always used maple because it lasts forever .....it's beautiful and if your going to make a product you are proud of use the best!!

    What payments do you accept?

    Payment's I accept  Interac e-transfers, Credit Cards, Paypal and Debit in Person.

    How are the cribbage boards finished?

    Finishing on these unique boards takes around 2 days. Every board is sanded to perfection and then we apply triple coats of lacquer on the front and 2 coats on the back. We do this so that in the end the result is a near glass finish on every board that goes out. It seals the boards and also protects them if you happen to spill drinks on them or accidentally get them wet. Wipe off resume no harm 🙂

    How long does a custom order take before it's ready to be shipped?

    After years of making these boards and having the art perfected I can normally get custom orders shipped out within 2 weeks give or take a few days.

    How will my order be shipped?

    I send most of my packages via Canada post with a tracking number and 100$ insurance included at no charge to you. Special circumstances I will use a courier service if it is a rush order and needs to be there quick.

    Is local pickup available?

    Yes, you’re welcome to pick up your order if you are in the Red Deer area.

    Are pegs included with each cribbage board?

    I do not supply pegs with my boards for 2 reasons. A lot of people buying custom cribbage boards enjoy the fact that they can buy custom pegs as well. Custom pegs are available on our site or regular tapered pegs are available at any Walmart store. The pegs I carry are custom made only for Lasers Edge Design.

    Is there peg storage inside the cribbage board?

    On these particular boards no there is no peg storage. I do have an option for peg and card storage with my unique display stands that can also be ordered from my website. These cribbage boards look best when displayed prominently and are a very compact design that takes up less space yet containing everything necessary to play a game.

    Do you sell pegs?

    Yes I sell custom metal pegs. One set will contain 6 pegs and cost $11.95 a set. Most people purchasing custom cribbage boards do purchase a set because it's nice to have a beautiful set of custom pegs to go along with their custom boards.

    Can anything be put onto a custom Cribbage Board? 

    If you can dream it up I can do it. I have never been stumped and always accept the challenges thrown at me. If your ordering a custom with a picture on it just remember the better the picture that is sent to me the better it will turn out. Thumbnails are not good enough to do a good engraving....a raw picture or high definition picture will engrave fantastic and you will be very happy.

    Do you love your job? 

    That would be 100% yes!!! The best part of my job is hearing people when they receive their cribbage boards telling me it's AMAZING or way better than they thought .... I like to say I am in the smile business because when you get something delivered and it's better than you could have imagined .....of course your going to smile!! Go ahead and purchase one I will make you smile as well :)

    What is your production capacity for big orders? 

    When we first started the company we could maybe handle 100 a month order wise. Now with 6 CNC Routers and 2 Lasers plus a Automatic ATC CNC (Auto Bit Changing CNC Router) It's not impossible to do about 80 a day if needed. Yes that sounds crazy and yes that's a WHOLE LOT OF HOLES .... and no it never gets old seeing stacks and stacks of custom orders going out because everyone has a smile attached to it!!